Attracting Female Candidates to Your Company

Recently, we ran across LinkedIn’s Gender Insights Report which details the ways and reasons why women search for and find new roles differently from their male counterparts. This is particularly important because, as the report notes, “71% of talent professionals report that achieving gender parity at their company is a top priority.” With that in…

Summer 2019 Recruitment Trends

Out with the (c)old and in with the new! With nicer weather fast approaching, it’s time to warm up your recruitment strategy. But before you run headfirst into a new season of hiring, take note of these trending topics that could impact your marketing efforts. In this blog we will break down the headlines, give…

Steal These Hiring Event Ideas

Every day candidates and passive job seekers are bombarded with opportunities for employment. From the lawn signs and door ads to the push notifications in our social media apps, recruitment advertising is everywhere. So how do you stand out among all the ads? Well, one idea is to hold a really engaging hiring event.

How to Avoid Getting Ghosted by Employees

 In the fast-moving world of recruitment, employers are beginning to experience a new problem; ghosting. What is “ghosting” exactly? Well, it’s basically when someone pulls back from all contact. The full Oxford definition can be found here.