“When I first started in the advertising business, I was right out of college and I worked for a very seasoned, very tough ad executive. It was an interesting transition into the professional world, but I’ll never forget a very important lesson he taught me. Advertising is first and foremost a service-based business. At Harger Howe, we are successful because we believe that superior client service is fundamentally at the core of our agency.”

Michael WalshPresident & Owner

“Having been in the creative industry for over a decade, my priority has always been to use industry standard technology, progressive design concepts and coding to create functional and powerful graphic solutions, while striving to move ideas forward and stay ahead of the curve. We really have a knack for being able to tap into our clients’ brand identity and goals so we can deliver effective, personalized results for their campaigns.”

Ken McHugh
Ken McHughCreative Director, Graphic & Web Designer

“At Harger Howe we work on marketplace differentiation. We’re all about the unique factor! As a content creator I get to find out about all the special aspects that make our clients’ businesses awesome and then I promote them using marketing strategies. I get to learn something new every day, which is pretty incredible.”

Gillian Barnes
Gillian BarnesCreative Content Manager