Social Media:

Love it? Hate it?

Either way, you should be using it.

In today’s market, companies that are marketing themselves in a traditional manner are finding it harder to find talent as well as consumers. Print ads, radio and billboards are simply not cutting it anymore (at least on their own) so we are finding that the most successful organizations are reassessing their marketing strategies. Our best advice to clients is to integrate social media and more importantly, social media career pages that support their employer recruitment brand.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy & Network Building

Because of the exponential reach of social media, many organizations have opted to separate their social media strategy by building one site for consumers and one that is more career specific. They’ve chosen to do this because social media career pages are niche and therefore attract the exact audience they are seeking. A recruitment audience is different than a consumer audience, so you need different pages AND different content!

Social Media Page Development & Management

Harger Howe supports our client’s social media strategy by building, customizing and managing all aspects of their Social Media Careers Pages. We do this by creating content, posting updates, photos, videos, events, etc. and promoting and growing their audience by targeting the internal/existing employees and external candidate audience. Additionally, we monitor all activity for content including all comments posted directly to the timeline, or to a specific piece of content. Additionally, we run Ads and Boosts to promote and grow the followers of the “Careers” pages.

Social Ad Creation

Creating ads for social media is both an art and a science. In order to be effective, you need to know your audience and what creative messaging and imagery will engage them. Equally as important is doing your research to target the appropriate audience. This can be done geographically, by certain age parameters, gender, and countless pieces of data that are within an individual person’s profile. At Harger Howe, we spent significant time researching our client’s audience so we can maximize the return on investment of all social ad targeting.

Comprehensive Analytics

In addition to the effectiveness of social advertising, we also have the ability to track the success of every ad giving us great ROI metrics. Since all social advertising is based on a pay-per-click model, we can determine which ads are most effective for the least amount of advertising spend.

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