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The term digital media now encompass literally hundreds of different types of venues, from Facebook and podcasting to blogs, YouTube and beyond. It is our job on behalf of our clients to sort through the extensive advertising opportunities and provide strategically focused media recommendations that appropriately target their desired audience. It is also extremely important to understand the prevalence of advertising to people on their mobile device. More than 60% of all web traffic now is done from a mobile device, so it is vital that we address advertising that focuses on our mobile world.


Website Development and Design

Website development is now a daily occurrence within our agency. At Harger Howe, we build, manage and host more than 40 different sites for our clients. An organization’s website should always be an organic tool that is ever-changing. In order to be competitive and successful, your website should be the hub of all interactivity with information flowing in and out constantly. Our talented team of developers and designers build captivating and engaging web experiences for our clients.

Microsite Development and Design

We draw a distinction between a fully functional website and something we call a micro site. Microsites are designed usually around a project that is more time sensitive or has a defined lifecycle. Often a microsite might be used to capture RSVP’s for an event, registrations for training program, provide logistical information or to provide tracking for a very specific initiative.


Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing is often one of the most understated and least understood part of any recruitment marketing initiative. Virtually all website traffic today starts with a Google or other search engine search. Whether you are looking to buy a new pair shoes, find cheap flights or read the latest news stories, you almost always start with a search engine. So, from a recruitment standpoint it’s critical that people can find your career opportunities and information on your organization’s culture and brand identity in a search. If you don’t have good search engine optimization, you will not be found and therefore will limit your chances at success. At Harger Howe, a big part of our web development process is search engine optimization. Our goal is to get you to rank as high as possible all the time.

Blog Development & Content Creation

Most jobseekers now expect to be able to read and research a lot about a company, so blogging has become very important from a recruitment marketing standpoint. Blogging and content creation are a big part of our day-to-day duties for many clients. We are all barraged every day with thousands of pieces of information, so it’s important that our clients are able to stand out from the crowd. We do this by putting a lot of thought and time into writing interesting and engaging blog articles. If you have good content, you have a much better chance of being found by your desired audience.

Web Content Analytics

If you don’t have good analytics, how do you know if you’re being effective? There are many tools and opportunities now to track almost every type of advertising and we integrate many of those technologies into our advertising campaigns. These metrics allow us to monitor effectiveness and help with our purchasing decisions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not without its challenges, but by procuring the right lists and designing your email appropriately, it can be a highly effective and trackable tool. Email marketing is about making sure that you have addressed all the details including an appropriate design, the right backend code, and knowledge of the correct way to deliver emails effectively so they don’t end up in everyone’s spam filter. Our team is very fluent in the rules surrounding email marketing, so the pieces that we develop for our clients are deliverable, effective and trackable.

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