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Several years ago, Harger Howe saw how drastically technology was changing how active and passive jobseekers were looking for new opportunities. At that time, we invested significant time and resources and became a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing agency. Inbound marketing refers to the creation and promotion of engaging content that bring visitors (potential candidates) in to your website. Inbound marketing earns the attention of candidates and makes your company and career opportunities easier to find. Inbound marketing for recruitment is focused on the interests of your target audience. Traditional media such as print, web postings, radio and direct mail are still effective, but social media, SEO and inbound marketing are quickly overtaking some of the more traditional methods.

Inbound Marketing is about coordinated efforts with unique content creation (i.e., blog posts, case studies, etc.), combined with strong Social Media community development and a strong “career” site as the HUB of all this activity. These “inbound” efforts over time deliver more prospects and in fact they deliver more ENGAGED prospects.

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