5 Tips for a Great Job Post

Imagine receiving hundreds of applications for a single job post, only to find a few qualified candidates. That’s a lot of time spent reading cover letters and reviewing resumes, and honestly, you have more important things on your plate.

Stay Current! Recruiting Trends to Watch for 2016

In the world of recruitment it is absolutely essential that you learn how to ride the waves of change. Several years ago, recruiters would post print ads in journals as their primary often their only form of advertising, but along with the emergence of new media and sourcing methods, the field has broadened significantly and…

2016 Physician Recruitment Trends You Need to Know

As summer moves in so does the new recruitment season and according to the May/June issue of The New England Journal of Medicine‘s piece regarding “The Medicus Firm’s 2016 Provider Placement Summary”, Primary Care is still the largest area of placement for physicians. In 2015, that summary reported that 35.57% of all placements were for Primary…

Effective Physician Recruitment Marketing Tactics for 2016

The flipside of any negative situation is opportunity. Per Medscape’s Lifestyle Report 2016: Bias and Burnout research, physician burnout is at an all time high. In fact, “the highest percentages of burnout occurred in critical care, urology, and emergency medicine, all at 55%. Family medicine and internal medicine follow closely at 54%.” Those areas of…

Why It Pays to Have Fun at Work

via GIPHY What if someone told you that your workplace could make just one change that would result in you feeling more satisfied, motivated, and less stressed? That probably makes you roll your eyes or think, “yeah right!”